Sometime around 1980 I started to design an archtop guitar. I just made some plans that I still have:


I delayed the building of my first guitar until 1992. Then I was married, preparing for a baby and was working as an engineer. It was an archtop, following the plans above, that I used for a few of the guitars that came later:


Not much later I made my first pickup for another of my first guitars:


Around fifteen years ago I went to make archtop guitars full time. I used commercial pickups, fixed and floating, and learned very well the pros and cons of every pickup in the market, especially the floaters, of which there are not many. Around 2012 I decided to make my own pickups, and discovered the greater freedom and space for creativity. In this case, two guitars based on Barney Kessel’s ES350:

More recently I have started to integrate the pickup design in the guitar design. For example these pickups, that have space for the volume and tone controls below them:

I don’t offer these here because the concept goes beyond the pickup and involves also the pickguard and other things.

If you are interested in my guitars, take a look here.