Custom work

My method of making pickups is great when it comes to making custom work, so I can produce new desings quite fast. As this is very dependent on the particular case, please inquire.


8-string curly walnut humbucker fitted to a guitar made by Wes Lambe:


8-string ebony humbuckers with a very wide polepiece spread:


7-string ebony humbucker for a fanned fretboard, with non-uniform string spacing and P-series mounting (nylon prongs removed):

005 (Small)

The first Type 230 pickup, with very narrow string spacing (46 mm). The polepieces are out, sorry:

Type 230 pickup with mother-of-pearl inlays:

A pickup derived from my H232DW with a slight slant (3º) for a guitar with fanned frets: