From left to right, cocobolo with black polepieces, cocobolo with gold polepieces and ebony with black polepieces. The one at the center is an overwound pickup that some players find more suitable for the bridge position (5H inductance vs 4.7H for the other two)

The W-PAF (W for wood) is a pickup based on the proven PAF design, but encased in a hollowed-out piece of wood. Internally, it uses bobbinless coils with bakelite cores, as all my pickups, but all the dimensions and critical elements in the construction are based on the PAF design.

It is not easy to make these pickups; the time needed for making them is much more than for conventional pickups based on standard parts. I use my own parts also when the commercially available are not high quality. That happens for example with the metal spacers, that I machine myself to high squality standards. For me, making these pickups is a labor of love, and seeing the finished pickups is my main reward.

This is a sequence of the most important steps making them:


If you want to use this pickup with electric guitar strings and also bronze strings, please note that a single row of polepieces won’t give you the necessary control over the individual output of the strings. You will still hear the bronze wound strings weaker than the plain strings. For this, I can make the W-PAF-2P model, that susbtitutes the slugs with adjustable polepieces.

As for my other pickups, I can make custom variations using the same overall design. For example, for a different number of strings or different string spread (even non-uniform). If you write me with your specific design, I’ll provide you with a quotation.